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  Offering a harmony of tastes, the full range of Thai flavors is here ? Sweet, Salty, Spicy and Sour. Properly-blended Thai spices, herbs and fruits combine to give the cuisine a memorable and tasty balance.  ? Simply Delicious!


In Thailand, our food is the central focus of our lives. Because we believe that life should be “sanuk” (enjoyable) and “sabai” (comfortable and relaxed), the pleasures of relaxing and eating with friends and family are of the utmost importance to us. In virtually every aspect of our lives, from simple get-togethers to important ceremonies, our food is at the heart.

Thai cooking is very distinct. The tastes and flavor combinations are unique and very easy to identify as Thai cuisine. Flavors from lemon grass, coriander, galanga, garlic, sweet basil, coconut milk and fish sauce are often used to create the unforgettable harmony of tastes that are uniquely Thai. In Thai cooking, using the freshest seasonable vegetables, spices, subtle garlic and sauces as well as the essence of sweet and sour creates the marvelous blends of flavor that are characteristic of this amazing genre of foods.

Your Thai-born hosts on this journey, Viroch (Victor), Kasemsri (Noi) and Renu (Ann), welcome you to share the tastes of Thailand. We believe that our diverse menu will offer you a wide variety of delicious dishes that will satisfy both your appetite and your palate. We strive to create an atmosphere that gives our guests the sense of being in Thailand and fosters the feelings of “sanuk” and “sabai.”

Our life and business philosophy include the uniquely
Thai concept of “mai-pen-rai,” which translates a "don’t worry” and “be happy.” We feel that as long as we are cooking and creating this extraordinary culinary and cultural experience for our guests, we will accomplish our goal. We would also like to sincerely thank you for joining us and helping us make our restaurant "sabai.”


All menu items available for take-out. Our fax number is (360) 452-3913.
For reservations or catering please call (360) 452-4505.

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